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About Us

The Levis Motorcycle Club has been part of the fabric of motorcycling in South Australia since 1922. The Club is one of the oldest in Australia and takes its name from the Levis two stroke motorcycle.

The Levis MCC is a family centred club with a strong focus on off-road solos and sidecars and Levis Members are very active in all areas of our sport.

The Club is an active affiliate of Motorcycling SA (MSA) with Club Members serving on several Committees or as Officials at various events. The Levis Motorcycle Club and MSA are actively involved in the operations of the Acusa Park off-road motorcycle ride park at Harrogate in the Adelaide Hills. 

The Levis Social Club, as it was first known, was formed in September 1922. The Club’s genesis came about as a result of the large number of Levis motorcycles that took part in that year’s opening run of the Motor Cycle Club of South Australia.

The first Patron was Mr J.L. Koch, the inaugural President, Mr S.J. Lower and the first Secretary, Miss P. Bennetts.


The Club soon took off with the main activities being of a “social” nature including trials that were not too difficult for the ordinary motor cyclist.


However, driven by the wishes of its’ membership, the focus of the Club soon changed and it began organising speed meetings at Sellicks Beach.


The main annual fixtures of the Club was the Sellicks Beach Speed Trials which soon became a regular summer highlight with the trials generally run on the Australia Day weekend.


The course was laid out over a 1.6 kilometre stretch of beach between Silver Sands and Sellicks Beach – at each end, riders had to make a 180 degree hair-pin turn, going backwards and forwards over a set race distance. No fatalities were recorded.


The Sellicks Beach Speed Trials continued up until 1953.

The speed meeting at Sellicks Beach was the Levis MCC’s opening event for the competition season.


The Club’s other major event for the year was a six hour trial. During the remainder of the year there were many minor trials and speed events, both open and closed. The clubrooms were situated at 65 Grote Street, in E.T. Fishers.


 When war broke out in 1939 so many of the Club’s members joined the Forces that the Club went into recess for the duration. After the war Club activities resumed based in the old club rooms in Grote Street.

After several moves, the club acquired the Druids Hall in Stanley Street, North Adelaide where it stayed for almost 40 years. After leaving North Adelaide the Club started holding meetings in the Velocette Clubrooms at Brompton.


Levis MCC members are justifiably proud of the contributions past members have made to motorcycling in South Australia and we are determined to maintain the Club’s traditions as we move toward our Centenary in 2022.

The Levis Motorcycle Club today is in a healthy position. The Club has a solid membership, still runs major events and remains an integral part of the fabric of motorcycling in South Australia.

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